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Skull King

$18.99 CAD

Scheming and Skulking® in an advanced Trick Taking game with Bidding. There are four pirate theme suits, each numbered 1-14. The Jolly Roger suit is the trump suit. 12 specialized additional cards bring great depth and strategy to the game.

When all cards played in one trick are the same color, the high card wins. Any trump card played, beats any card of other three suits. Five special Pirate cards will beat any numbered card, including trump cards. The Skull King card is invincible and will always win the trick. If the Skull King captures a pirate card he earns a big bonus. Five Escape cards allow you to not win. The Tigress card has the option to be played as a Pirate, to win; or as an Escape, to not win. Having that option can be a great help in getting your bid.

Players bid simultaneously before each hand. You never know if other players are going to bid high; or perhaps, even bid zero. You must make your own plan, then adapt as play progresses. Points are won if you get your bid and deducted if you don't. You can score well with a big bid, but also with a Zero bid. You can win with either, high or low cards. Every hand can be a winner - if you play your cards right!