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Playmobil Family Fun 70089 - Family Camping Trip

$39.99 CAD
Type: Family Fun

A Camping Trip means freedom, nature and adventure. The family has made themselves comfortable in their sleeping bags in the spacious family tent. Outside Dad is boiling the water for the sausages on the electric stove while the children are playing with the frisbee. Waiting for the food to be ready, Dad busies himself by laying the table and fetching drinks from the freezer. A squirrel watches the lively activity with growing interest. Maybe it can steal something to eat. Camping fun for everyone!

Set includes:
1 man, 1 girl, 1 boy,1 cat, 2 squirrels,1 tent, 1 green area with flowers and electric box, 2 sleeping bags, 1 camping table, 3 camping stools, 1 bottle, 1 gas lamp, 1 tube, 1 gas cooker, 1 map, 1 pan, 1 pot, 2 tins, 1 juice bag, 3 plates, 3 cups, 1 frisbee, 1 cool box, 1 box, 1 bandana