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What Do You Meme: Career Series - Teachers

$39.99 CAD
Type: Lion Rampant

This party game is perfect for happy hours, game nights, lunch breaks in the teacher's lounge, or as a gift for the teacher in your life.

This game contains mature content and is designed for ages 17+. Encouraged to be played with 3+ players.

As a teacher, you know that moulding young minds come with rewarding, frustrating and you-can't-make-this-stuff up moments. We teamed up with real teachers to create What Do You Meme? Teachers Edition. Now you can use your teachers-only humour to turn the often awkward, stressful, and hilarious moments of your day to day into memes. School supplies not required!

What's Inside:

  • 300 caption cards
  • 75 photo cards
  • Instructions
  • 1 easel for displaying photo cards