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Playmobil the Movie 70073 - Charlie with Prison Wagon

$32.99 CAD

By a strange coincidence Charlie is catapulted into the magical, animated PLAYMOBIL® universe. Now he must not only find his way in this fantastic world with its crazy rules, but also the way home. While his big sister Marla is searching for him, Charlie falls into the clutches of a bunch of dangerous gangsters with Prison Wagon. Will Charlie be able to get out of this predicament and will Marla find him again? PLAYMOBIL: The Movie© is the first animated film inspired by the imaginative world of PLAYMOBIL® and takes the audience on an epic, funny and unforgettable adventure. Matching the cinema launch, there are nine cool game sets around the PLAYMOBIL® film.

Set includes:
Figures: 1 Charlie, 3 pirate figures Accessories: 1 prison carriage, 2 horses, 1 ballista, 2 bullets, 1 net, 2 sabres, 1 dagger, 1 telescope