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Playmobil Spirit 70120 - Snips and Señor Carrots with Horse Stall

$25.99 CAD
Type: Spirit

Snips is Abigail's younger brother and is always full of mischief. The donkey Sr. Carrots is his constant companion. Although Snips sees Sr. Carrots as his best friend, the donkey is rather indifferent to him. With his pranks Snips often makes life difficult for Lucky and her friends, but he can also be very kind.

Set includes:
Figures: 1 Snips Animals: 1 donkey Señor Carrots Accessories: 1 horse box, 1 gate, 4 fences, 2 fence posts, 4 fence adapters, 1 straw insert, 2 straw, 1 water bucket, 1 feeding rack, 4 carrots