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Playmobil SAND 9145 - Excavator

$29.99 CAD
Type: SAND

Dig up fun in the sand with the excavator. The shovel can either be removed and used on its own or situated into one of two positions on the vehicle. When placed in the lower position, the shovel can collect sand as you move the excavator. Or, place the shovel in the upper position to keep it out of the way as you drive. Once your sand castle is built, remove the PLAYMOBIL flag from the back of the vehicle and attach it to your castle walls. Place the PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Figure in the front of the vehicle through the roof opening. Perfect for play either at the beach or in the sandbox, the possibilities are endless!

Set includes:
1 figure, excavator with removable shovel, PLAYMOBIL flag, and more