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Playmobil SAND 9144 - Water Tank Truck

$34.99 CAD
Type: SAND

When the job calls for tons of water, The water tank truck is up for the challenge! Simply load up the tank with water and push this heavy-duty sand vehicle across the sand to your beach construction site to get the water needed. With the help of the included tracks, the truck's wheels will roll easily without getting stuck in the sand. Then, detach the water tank by sliding it off the truck bed and using it as a watering can. For even more fun, use the two ramps as gullies or bridges to expand the game possibilities. Not at the beach? No problem! This vehicle is suitable for both playing outside in the sandpit and inside on the carpet As kids imagine the next beach day. The truck cab can accommodate up to two Playmobil 1. 2. 3 figures.

Set includes:
Figures: 1 construction worker; Accessories: 1 truck, 1 tank, 1 spout, 2 ramps