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Playmobil Pirates 71189 - Pirate with Cannon Gift Set

$14.99 CAD
Type: Pirates

The PLAYMOBIL gift set pirate with cannon is the ideal gift for the next pirate party. Adventurous children aged 4 and up will love this pirate playset. With the cannon, the pirate defends himself against any attacker. If he wants to change position, he simply takes the cannon by the handle and pulls it behind him. The playset includes a PLAYMOBIL pirate figure, a cannon with two fire arrows, a target board and other cool accessories. The cannon is functional. Thanks to decorative box and name tag for labelling, PLAYMOBIL gift sets save wrapping paper and thus protect the environment. A great toy set to bring home and give away.

Set includes:
Figures: 1 pirate; accessories: 1 pirate hat, 1 torch, 1 target board, 4 fires, 1 skull pendant, 1 cannon, 2 fire arrows