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Playmobil Pirates 70150 - Take Along Pirate Island

$49.99 CAD
Type: Pirates

There's a hidden pirate island inside the PLAYMOBIL® Take Along Pirate Island case. The location of the island is kept top secret by the pirates, so they can sail off to find precious treasure. The pirate captain is sat brooding at his desk studying the treasure map. His parrot sits by and watches his every move. But when the smell of the sizzling suckling pig wafts past the captain's nose, he leaves the map to follow the tasty smell. Pirates have to eat too! Pirate fun on the go: Just open the carry case and the pirate island is set up in no time.

Set includes:
Figures: 2 pirates Animals: 1 parrot, 3 fish, 1 monkey baby Accessories: 1 Carrying pirate island, 1 flagpole, 1 branch, 1 wooden bench, 1 wooden table, 1 lamp, 1 suckling pig grill, 1 fireplace, 1 rowing boat, 1 wooden barrel, 1 sabre, 1 treasure map, 1 map, 1 rifle, 1 pistol, 1 dagger, 1 fish skeleton, 1 carafe, 1 hat, 1 skeleton, 1 torch, 1 candlestick, 1 sack, 3 drinking cups, 1 treasure, 1 compass, 1 palm tree, 1 cap, 1 skull, 2 paddles, 1 ladle, 1 large binoculars, 1 small binocular