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Playmobil Novelmore 71027 - Sal'ahari Sands: Mammoth Attack

$42.99 CAD
Type: Novelmore

Attention the general of the skeleton army attacks with his menacing battle mammoth. But the brave Gwynn is immediately on the spot with her slingshot to stand in the way of the fiend. Will she succeed in stopping the general?

Set includes:
Figures: 1x skeleton (rider), 1x skeleton (general), Gwynn; Animals: 1x skeleton mammoth; Accessories: 1 saddle, 1 saddle blanket (textile), 1 strap for saddle, 2 torch holders, 2 flames, 2 deco cords for flame holders, 1 quiver, 1 holder for quiver with tips, 6 rubber rings for skeleton mammoth, 1 trunk with holder, 2 horns, 2 fist wedges, 1 chain, 2 chain hand holders, 2 deco pendants for saddle, 1 holder for chain, 1 whip, 2 gauze bandages, 2 bracelets, 1 crossbow, 1 crown, 1 helmet with horns, 1 binoculars, 1 saber, 1 holder for blade, 1 blade, 1 deco pendant for blade holder, 1 label sheet, 1 paper card