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Playmobil Magic 9471 - Crystal Gate to the Winter World

$39.99 CAD
Type: Magic

Between the spring and winter worlds lies the luminous crystal gate (3 x AAA batteries required), which connects the two worlds. With the help of the crystal bracelet, the gate can be opened and the winter world can be entered.

Set includes:
Figures: 1 princess, 1 prince Animals: 1 retriever, 1 rabbit boy, 1 sitting rabbit, 1 lying rabbit, 1 fawn, 1 sitting bird, 1 pecking bird, 1 butterfly Accessories: 1 crystal gate, 1 crystal bangle, 1 crystal, 1 bouquet, 1 sword, 1 crown, 1 hair ornament, 1 fur collar, 1 pair of arm cuffs, 1 sticker sheet