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Playmobil Magic 71002 - Unicorn Carriage With Pegasus

$45.99 CAD
Type: Magic

No sooner have the princesses learned that there is a new mysterious Pegasus in the enchanted forest than they set off in their carriage to pay a welcome visit. Their unicorn is also very excited and looking forward to meeting the new winged friend. The princesses also haven't forgotten the baby unicorn either and bring along a delicious snack. The set contains two PLAYMOBIL princesses and a child figure, a Pegasus, a unicorn, a baby unicorn, a carriage, a tree and lots of other lovely accessories for magical playhours.

Set includes:
Figures: 2 women, 1 girl; Animals: 1 unicorn, 1 unicorn foal, 1 pegasus, 2 birds, 1 butterfly; Accessories: 1 rock with tree, 1 carriage, 2 pegasus jewels, 1 hobby horse, 1 basket, 2 skirts (2-piece), 1 tiara, 1 hay pad, 1 flower skirt, 1 leaf vane, jewel blossoms