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Playmobil Magic 70096 - Beauty Salon with Jewel Case

$39.99 CAD
Type: Magic

In her magical underwater Beauty Salon the mermaid is getting ready. Which hairstyle should it be and which hair ornaments will go with it? For a long time the mermaid tries out different variations in front of the mirror and finally decides on the silver chain. Now quickly put on the bag and off you go. She is invited to a ball in the Mermaid Cove and must not be late. The play set contains a PLAYMOBIL® mermaid figure, a coral mirror with flowers, a fish, a ray, hairpieces, jewellery and many other beauty accessories. In the large Jewel Case shell five luminous pearls can be kept.

Set includes:
Figures: 1 mermaid Animals: 1 butterfly fish, 1 stingray Accessories: 1 beauty salon with coral mirror, 1 pearl box, 3 pearls, 1 pendant, 1 shell, 1 sponge, 1 basket, 2 bottles, 1 bottle, 1 handbag, 1 hand mirror, 1 hairbrush, 4 necklaces, 2 hair bows, 1 hair ring, 2 bracelets, 2 busts with wigs and hair ornaments, 1 stand with lipstick, mascara and powder brush