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Playmobil Knights 9340 - Mobile Dwarf Fortress

$99.99 CAD
Type: Knights

Defend the land from anywhere with the Mobile Dwarf Fortress. The troll can pull this fortress to any location, so that the dwarf army is ready for any battle. The side flaps open to reveal functioning crossbows that can rain fire arrows down on the opposing army, while warriors in the rotating turrets can keep a lookout or defend from above. The main hinged gate opens to reveal a dungeon for captured enemy fighters. Remove the fortress’ upper platform for more room inside and easy access to its interior. Quickly transport supplies from the ground floor to upper levels using the working pulley system. Inside the fortress, a blacksmith forges weapons as needed, so that the dwarves are fully prepared.

Set includes:
3 dwarf fighters, one troll, one mobile fortress, map of the kingdom, shields, telescope, battle axes, swords, fire arrows, buckets, raven, and many more accessories