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Playmobil EverDreamerz 70476 - Comic World Edwina

$19.99 CAD
Type: EverDreamerz
The EverDreamerz squad is back! Use the magical amulet to travel into an exciting new dream world - Comic World - bursting with colours and patterns! In Comic World, new things can be created simply by drawing them, but they can also be erased. Soon, the girls realize that all the colour is starting to disappear from Comic World - what will they do? Join each girl as she discovers this magical new world, and unbox fun surprises as you go! Open, discover, and collect! Edwina is the athlete of the group, full of energy and ready to try any sport. She only rests when she's reading her comic collection. Open the magical amulet to reveal an exciting unboxing experience with seven fun surprises inside, including your very own bracelet and sneaker charm! Then, use the special water pen to add colour back to Edwina's drawing. Simply fill the pen with water, and watch as the water activates the colour on the parchment. When the magical adventure is over, store all the pieces back inside the box, for easy storage.