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Playmobil DUCK ON CALL 70911 - Fire Rescue Truck

$119.99 CAD

Help, there's a fire in Playmoville! To fight the big fire, Freddy arrives immediately with his fire rescue truck. Ducklas supports him from the air and extinguishes the flames with the large water cannon of his mini-plane. To get a better view of the scene from above, Freddy uses the practical ladder, which can be set up and swung out. In the large storage compartment of the fire truck, he can easily stow the equipment for all missions. So any fire can be put out! The set features the PLAYMOBIL D*O*C* heroes Ducklas and Freddy Fire, a large fire rescue truck with extendable and swivelling ladder and a detachable mini airplane with water cannon.

Set includes:
Figures: 1 Ducklas, 1 Freddy Fire; Accessories: 1 fire truck with light and sound module as well as turntable ladder, hose reel, fan and power unit, 1 mini-airplane with extinguishing cannon, 7 foam arrows, 1 rescue shears, 1 radio, 1 fire extinguisher with back stretcher plus jet tube