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Playmobil Country 9315 - Barn with Silo

$119.99 CAD
Type: Country

Enjoy a fun time on the farm with the Barn with Silo. You can start the day by feeding the farm animals, including the wandering chickens and the friendly cow. The working silo offers plenty of storage space for feed for the season's harvest. Just remove the silo's roof and add the feed through the top. Then, tilt the spout down to release the feed into the bucket. Don't forget to give the barn cat some attention as well; you can use the ladder to climb up to the loft where he'll likely be snoozing. It's easy to access the barn and the loft through either the main double entry or the opening upper loft doors.

Set includes:
Figures: 1 male farmer, 1 female farmer; Animals: 1 cow, 1 cat, 2 chickens, 6 chicks, 1 dove, 1 horse; Accessories: 1 silo, 1 flour sack, 2 hay bales, 1 straw bale, 3 fences, 5 connectors, 1 stable, 4 connecting hooks, 4 wooden boards, 2 feeding troughs, 2 tufts of grass, 1 hay fork, 1 rake