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Playmobil City Action 70338 - Take Along Tactical Unit Headquarters

$69.99 CAD
Type: City Action

A cunning crook has just robbed the bank and is on the run with the gold bars. But the PLAYMOBIL policemen are already on the robber's heels and are chasing his quad bike with motorbike and helicopter. "I have the fugitive in my sights!" it resounds over the police radio from the cockpit. Quickly, his colleague on the motorcycle arrives from the other side and puts the nail tape on the road. The rogue hadn't expected this and drives straight into the trap. Now he is brought back to the police station.

Set includes:
1 SWAT policewoman, 2 SWAT policemen, 1 crook, 1 driving SWAT central, 1 SWAT helicopter, 1 SWAT motorcycle, 1 gangster quad, 1 winch, 1 motorcycle helmet, 1 pilot helmet with microphone, 1 police cap with microphone, 1 peaked cap, 1 shield, 3 pairs of arm cuffs, 1 gun cabinet, 1 shelf, 1 folding table, 2 chairs, 1 alarm bell, 3 gold bars, 1 megaphone, 2 handcuffs, 4 flashlights, 1 fire extinguisher, 2 batons, 2 door rammers, 3 pistols, 4 rifles large, 2 rifles small, 1 nail band, 1 crowbar, 1 camera, 3 index cards, 1 neckerchief, 1 pair of crook gloves, 1 tub, 1 storage box, 2 connectors dark grey, 2 connectors light grey