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Playmobil Ayuma 70809 - Crystal Fairy With Unicorn

$26.99 CAD
Type: Ayuma

It's going to be magical! The adventures in Ayuma continue. The precious crystals are the most important energy source in Ayuma. That is why the fairies have made it their goal to protect them. The Crystal Fairy also likes to dedicate herself to this important task and sets off with her soul animal, the crystal unicorn, in search of new crystals. She finds them at a small pond and carefully picks up the precious stones with her landing net. Then she swings herself onto the back of her crystal unicorn and takes to the skies. The set includes a Crystal Fairy with crystal unicorn, a crystal pond, a bucket, a landing net, a pair of wings and other magical extras.

Set includes:
Figures: 1 Crystal Fairy; Animals: 1 Unicorn; Accessories: 1 crystal pond, 1 bucket, 1 landing net, 1 chain, 1 pair of Crystal Fairy wings, 1 necklace